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Selena Gomez is just like everyone else! Sel revealed to TWIST that she was very embarrassed being seen with glasses while on the Wizards of Waverly Place set: ‘I got glasses just before I started filming the first season of Wizards.

I was insecure because I was just getting used to everybody. So, I was was very embarassed. But now I know it’s something Ihave to wear, so why should I be embarrassed about it? I just let it go!

David Archuleta performing A Little To Not Over You on AOL Sessions.

Miley Cyrus performing Seven Things at The X Factor – video below!

And the interview!

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Here is an excerpt from Robert Pattinson‘s recently Entertainment Weekly cover issue: After celebrating news that the film had already taken in more than $35 million, Summit e-mailed a letter to Twilight fans, signed by stars Pattinson and Stewart, expressing gratitude at moving forward with a sequel.

But the studio still hasn’t confirmed whether the rest of the cast will be brought aboard for New Moon. Fans are particularly invested in whether Taylor Lautner, who is markedly shorter and more boyish-looking than Meyer’s description of his character, Jacob, will return to vie for Bella’s heart.

”We are definitely talking and thinking about it right now,’ says Erik Feig, Summit’s president of production. ‘Taylor’s fantastic as Jacob in Twilight. I think when we get closer to shooting, the director is going to look at everyone as if they are brand-new to the role.’