The Story Behind Lovebug – Is it really for MILEY?

November 8, 2008

Today I watched the Love Bug Jonas Brothers Video 3 times and analysed every single thing that represents Niley (Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus). I was so surprised, this video actually had a lot to do with there relationship. So I am going to point out a few things.

The Cruise Ship – Anybody remember the cruise ship from the S.O.S. Video? You may think that this doesn’t represent Niley, but it does. Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus were still together when they filmed the S.O.S. I wouldn’t be surprised if Miley wasn’t on set that day for him. Also the line “ I was so close, but you were far away.” Nick Jonas was probably filming or doing something to do with the video. While Miley watched from the side lines, and he noticed Miley!

The House – In the video there is a scene where the Jonas Brothers are over at the house, just visiting. This could go either way, with Niley. Do you remember that the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus are neighbours in LA? Plus it’s a new house, and the Jonas Brothers became neighbours with Miley. So it could go either way Miley visiting the Jonas Brothers’ House or the Jonas Brothers visiting Miley’s House.

The Dance – This has do with Niley. Remember the “ Goodbye ” song by: Miley Cyrus. “The time that you danced with me, with no music it playing.” They danced. Also when the director of the Miley Cyrus’ “ 7 Things ” video, says that Miley said they had there slow songs they would dance too like: November Rain By: Guns & Roses, and a few other Elvis Costello songs.

The Leaving For The War Part – This part represents how Miley and Nick had to split because Nick Jonas and his brothers were going to be starting the “ When You Look Me In The Eyes Tour ” and they were ending the “ Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus Best Of Both Worlds Tour”.

Writing The Letter – I feel like in this part he wasn’t writing a letter he was writing a song. The song “ Sorry ” ring a bell? This has to do with Miley because Nick was sorry he had to leave, and he never did wanted it to end.

The Necklace – I screamed when I saw the whole giving the necklace, kissing the necklace bit. I was “ Oh my Jonas this has to be about Niley!”. The giving the necklace was about how Nick Jonas gave his personal diabetes dog tag to her. The kissing the necklace was sort from the “ 7 Things ” music video, but also how Miley would kiss it to say that she was missing Nick too. They realize they still feel the same about each other.

The Album – The picture of the album at the end, it gives me hope and faith for Niley. I think that Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus are still not over each other and that they still believe that they will end up together. Miley and Nick will come “ Full Circle ” again.

In the end this song is about Niley in every single way possible. Nick even said that it was written on the Hannah Montana/ Miley Cyrus Best Of Both Worlds Tour. Nick also states that this song is about when your with someone and you feel like it will last forever, but when it does end. They will always have the “ Love Bug ” for each other.

Also another thing that shocked me. Is that on there Official Music Video on there Official Youtube Channel. They tagged Miley Cyrus, and Hannah Montana for it. No Selena Gomez!

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One Response to “The Story Behind Lovebug – Is it really for MILEY?”

  1. city Says:

    well! i never thought about that way i mean i dont know if it make sense i mean i was looking at the video for clues too because i really liked nick and miley together, but i didnt see anything that match. i mean i thought showing the eyes because i thought camille had blue but she has brown so i dont know what to think anymore.and the invitation has stars on miley cd break out is all stars but i dont know nick is very bad at showing sings if the song was about someone. i like miley video better to be honest she was more obvious and i liked it. we knew she really cared for him and i loved it but nick it such scary cat i cant believe miley has more guts than him about showing her feeling i have to give her credit for that. miley needs a man that is not afraid to show his real feelings for her nick is acting like a little kid that is afraid to show his feeling because his friend might make fun of him. real man dont care about anyone knowing about their feeling for a girl miley needs a man. i really liked niley but am siding jiley justin and miley because he doesnt care about what anyone thinks he is seen with her and takes pictures with her i love it so am kind of rotting for them now. hey you her justin song is so nice it has to be about miley becasue he say those big blue eyes that what talking about he not afraid like baby nick. miley need somebody like her not scared to tell the world about her feeling for someone like justin and his music. now am more intrested in knowing about them then the jb.

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