Taylor Swift DISSES Joe Jonas!

November 8, 2008

Apparently Taylor is “dissing” Joe Jonas.

See the video below:

“See, this one even comes with a phone. So he can break up with other dolls.”

Taylor Swift confirmed that Joe Jonas had dumped her through the phone over a 27-seconds phone call.

Also see the blog Taylor had posted after the breakup in October:
I’ve never been the kind of girl who needs a boyfriend. Plus, guys don’t ask me out because they know I’ll write songs about them.

But I’m also the girl who still believes prince charming exists somewhere out there — fully equipped with great hair and an immature sense of humor.

See how she drew a line over it? It’s obviously about her ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas who “broke her heart.”

What do you think? Should Jaylor stay together? Did Joe really hurt Taylor? Was it mean for Taylor to mock Joe after the whole breakup thing?


One Response to “Taylor Swift DISSES Joe Jonas!”

  1. shailyn Says:

    I think is hilarious that she is making fun of him..I like that she is constantly dissing him on the tv and on video she is hilarous to watch. i want to see what else she does. hey he the one that look for it by cheating.yes, because he cheated maybe not physically but mentally because he was getting to know this person while he was still a couple with taylor. was taylor the spare in case camille didnt go out with what heck! i think it must hurt that he moved on so fast with another girl like her feeling of him for her never really matter. go taylor speaks for all the girls that guys have been insensitive to girl feelings out there. i dont understand how girls tolerate a take sides on guy that does this oh wait drooling fans! taylor keep on dissing you dont need him you are way better looking than him and way more prettier. i dont know what you saw in him. he has a little frame body you need somebody that looks similar to miley boyfriend big and strong and tall with huge muscle. i seen without a shirt he doesnt even have a big chest now justin has a real chest tell to intrudece you to one of him model buddies.

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