Fun Jonas Trivia!

November 9, 2008


The name of their tour bus is Bertha.

The brothers give 10% of their income to churches and Nick’s charity, Change for the Children Foundation, which is a charity for kids with diabetes.

All of them agree that the girls they date should be smart, independent, have a good sense of humor, be spiritual, and understand their crazy schedules.

Their manager once surprised them with Xbox 360’s.

All three of them love playing Guitar Hero.

Their first song came from Nick’s journal.

The last name of “Jonas” means ‘a Dove’ and is of Hebrew origin.

The boys personalities according to their mom(Denise) is: Kevin, was always the outgoing, talkative one. Joseph was quiet and Nick was the serious one, which hasn’t changed. He’s always been an “old soul”.

The boys have a secret handshake.

Both of their parents are musicians.

Joe was once sent to the principal’s office on the first day of school for playing a prank on his friends.

Joe has a scar above his nose after getting 50-60 stitches while making a video for Youtube with his brothers. The idea of the video was that he could run through walls, when he really ran into the wall and had to be rushed to the hospital.

For Joe’s 19th birthday, he wanted a motorcycle with a sidecar.

Joe is the last brother to wake up, and his family has a very hard time doing it.

Joe laughs at fans who do Nick’s “elbow junction.”

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