JONAS Overview

November 9, 2008


JONAS is the hottest rock band on the planet. Band members Nick, Kevin, and Joe Lucas are superstar pop idols who tear up the stage night after night causing severe outbreaks of JONAS induced hysteria. Legions of fans (especially the ones determined to become a future Mrs. Lucas) want a peek at what their lives are like offstage. Behind the cool clothes and sleek guitars, they’re just 3 boys from Jersey who are living the dream. These ultra-talented brothers are also each other’s best friends and still live at home with Mom, Dad, and little brother Frankie. At school, they hang out with lifelong friend and style guru Stella Malone, who believes fashion is the sixth sense. In the school hallways, their classmate (and major fan) Macy Misagets uncontrollably excited around them, which usually means someone’s going to get injured. JONAS episodes will feature musical vignettes woven into the story. These brothers are probably the only superstar idols who still have to do the dishes, but they know how lucky they are to be living the dream.

Credits to: Eira of Jonas Pilipinas


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