Demi Lovato – ‘Those Girls Are Still Bullying, But I’m Doing Better Things.’

November 14, 2008


Princess Demetria Devonne looking stunning princess in Life Story. Demi told Tiger Beat ‘When I
was in school, I got bullied and that’s why I left. I started home schooling so I could focus on music.

When I was in school, all I held onto was music. When kids are dealing with bullying, they should have something to hold onto. When you focus on better things it pays off. Those girls are still bullying people, but I’m doing better things.

Now that I’m a star, I’ve realized it’s still a tough life! For a while I was really thinking I had it hard going on tour because I’ve been without my family for a few months. I thought, ‘I don’t get to sleep in my bed, I haven’t been home.’ Sometimes I would look at my phone and think, ‘Wow, I don’t have that many people in here.’

Then I would go to a concert venue and I would have tons of friends! I may not have their numbers there’s someone there who’s going to make me smile. I’ve learned to be appreciative
of what I have.


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