HANNAH MONTANA: Why Tweens Love It

November 14, 2008


I was searching around the net and came across a blog post of a 34-year-old mother. Read on to find out what she thinks of the famous Disney Channel Original TV show!

My tween daughter adores Hannah Montana that airs on the Disney Channel. The funny thing is that it is okay with me. There are a lot of things out there that kids love and parents hate. There is music with inappropriate music, starlets behaving badly, violent video games, it is hard to find something that parents approve of that children will like. Disney comes through again with a show that parents and kids both like in Hannah Montana.

I asked my tween daughter what it is she likes about Hannah Montana. Below is a list of her responses and what I have to say about it.

She said: “Hannah Montana has good songs.” I don’t know that the music featured on the show are my choice to listen to. However, the songs are uplifting, empowering, positive, and best of all, the lyrics are appropriate for the tween kids who are the target audience.

She said: “Hannah Montana has cool clothes.” While I could never afford to buy my child the complete Hannah Montana wardrobe, there is a plus side. Hannah Montana wears age appropriate clothes. They are modest and stylish at the same time. If my daughter wants to dress like Hannah Montana, that is okay with me. At least I can be sure that she is not sending the wrong message to boys or others who would judge her by her clothing.

She said: “Hannah Montana has an awesome dad.” Hannah Montana’s dad (played by Billy Ray Cyrus) is actively involved in Hannah’s career and daily activities. In true Disney fashion, the family is portrayed in a positive light. Even though Hannah does not always like what her dad tells her and fights with her brother, in the end, they have a stable and strong relationship. I like that Hannah Montana shows a family that loves each other and works together.

Agree or not, spill it all on the comment box. 🙂


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