Miley Cyrus is on TEAM TAYLOR!

November 15, 2008

Miley gave her support to fellow Jonas Ex, Taylor Swift during an interview with NYC radio station Z100 in NYC yesterday!

(She says it around 6:00)

DJ: Do you two have your own little support group? You and Taylor? Honestly I’m waiting for the single to come out with you and Taylor. I’m waiting–

Miley: I’m ready! I already told her, “We need to do something together,” because we’ve been friends since before she even exploded. So, it was like really, really fun to see her again and she did an amazing job performing. She looked beautiful and I love how she just speaks her mind. I love her!

DJ: So, does she say a lot of things you wish you could say without fear of retribution?

Miley: Exactly, yes! I keep my mouth shut, but I make my point in a little more discreet way and she gets to do it a little more obvious, so I love it. Good for her. I’m Team Taylor! I’m just sayin’!”

What do you think? Are you happy to see Taylor’s friends, like Miley, supporting her after a hard break-up?

Source: TWIST official blog

One Response to “Miley Cyrus is on TEAM TAYLOR!”

  1. shailyn Says:

    miley looks great! what do i think about team taylor great for her am for it!
    I mean the jonas brother are the ones who stared the immature shirt with team selena and demi trying to bring miley down by taking sides eventhough they 2yr friendship they turn on hers for a couple girls they met a couple months ago so much from been loyal to friends. Jonas lost my respect after that! am glad she said Team Taylor she probably Know more than us about what joe did to her so is for a reason she said that. a mean his action by going out with camille so soon put him in the guilty level chair. So am glad miley said that payback is sweet!!!They stared miley never said anything bad about them and they did that!

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