Taylor Lautner Was Excited to Wear a Wig!

November 15, 2008


Taylor Lautner was thrilled to land the role of Jacob in Twilight … but he was even more thrilled to learn that he’d be wearing a wig to portray Jacob’s long black hair!

I thought, how cool! I’ve never worn a wig before. This is going to be awesome,” said Taylor. “But after the first day of filming, I was through with it. It was itchy and always in my face.

No worries Taylor, your hair goes short when you become a werewolf 🙂 Now we just need to find out for sure that Summit Entertainment will be doing the other three movies! No announcement has been made but most critics are confident that we’ll be seeing them all soon.

So what book-turned-movie is Taylor looking forward to? Eclipse! “It’s my favorite because it’s a love triangle, where all three [Bella, Edward and Jacob] are together,” Taylor says. “Bella is so lost and confused. It’s like, Who’s the guy for me? Is it Edward my love or is it Jacob my best friend?

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