Debby Ryan on the Cover of Her First Magazine

November 16, 2008


Debby Ryan is vlogging again and she is very, very excited about something. She went to the store and picked up the latest copy of M Magazine and guess who was on the cover? She was! She is thrilled because this is her very first magazine cover.

Here’s what else she had to say. Video clip below:

HEY! Hope you all had a fun & safe Halloween! I’m super excited for fall, how bout you guys?
In this video I’m kinda updating y’all on some stuff that’s happening in my life & talking about Build-A-Bears, a plethera of fan mail, agents, and Jonas Brothers.
I don’t have a written blog, I like video blogging and sharing it with those of you who ask what’s been going on for me! So go ahead and subscribe if ya wanna. I am so thankful for you guys; I support you guys so much for all you’ve supported me in!
I love you all. Subscribe, leave a comment or two, and send more questions. I love answering them! Happy Thanksgiving!


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