What MILEY CYRUS Has To Say About Her “Death Rumor!”

November 18, 2008


Miley Cyrus is used to getting her computer hacked, images stolen, emails redistributed… you name it.

But having her website hacked was a new one – especially considering what the hacker placed on the main page. A fictitious story that Miley was dead.

Fans went insane and press statements had to be released to calm the crowd by both Walt Disney and her management team.

The young star sat down with The Daily 10 to talk about what she thought when she heard the news.

“What happened, did I die like bungee jumping, getting bulldozed, what happened this time? I got hit by a drunk driver,” Cyrus said.

And how did she feel when she heard what had been posted to her website?

“OK, good. Wait. What? On my webage? No. My webpage got hacked? Thank you. You’re the bearer of good news. Thank you.

Yay! At least I can fix it. Oh, I’m ticked. I’m gonna like, smack ’em!”

AWW, poor Miley. Hackers, whatever did the girl do to you?


There’s a new Miley and Mandy YouTube account! They’re uploading their videos as fast as they can, and starting all over. SUBSCRIBE THEM!


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