Selena Gomez Wants Everything To Be Clear

November 19, 2008


Selena Gomez has taken her MySpace page on Monday, November 17, to clear up a quote of hers that was taken out of context. The 16-year-old girl was quoted as saying she doesn’t write songs about ex-boyfriends. But the teen actress says she “may have been misunderstood”.

“There was recently a quote released about me saying that I don’t write songs about ex boyfriends, I may have been misunderstood and would like to clear that up,” writes the “Wizards of Waverly Place” cutie. Selena reveals that most of her songs are about loves. She writes, “Most of my songs are about love, I am a 16 year old teenager and I sing about what is on every girls mind. Love.”“What I was implying was that the songs I sing about, the boys who have hurt me or that are no longer in my life don’t deserve a song to be written about them but, that’s impossible,” the Disney darling explains on her MySpace page. “Writing and singing is a gateway to sharing and getting out feelings. I hope that I have cleared up any confusion I may have caused to my fans! You guys rock and mean the world to me!”

Selena Gomez has recently told OK! magazine that she’s “so mad” about her ex-boyfriends. “I get so mad about ex-boyfriends, but if a boy hurts me, I don’t write a song about it. They don’t deserve it!” the magazine quoted the actress as saying.

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