Joe Jonas Dresses Up His Own Mannequin

November 21, 2008


Becoming teen idol may have made Joe Jonas want perfection to his image. The Jonas Brothers‘ vocalist is said to be “completely obsessed” with his image. And according to Star Magazine, he uses a wardrobe mannequin to help him coordinate his daily outfits.

Snitches told the magazine that the ex-boyfriend of country cutie Taylor Swift is obsessed about what he wears. Joe “is absolutely obsessed about what he wears and how it looks,” a source revealed to Star.“He even goes as far as putting his Ray-Bans on the fake Joe…,” claimed the source. And this makes his siblings think the 19-year-old Jonas is “crazy”. The source added, “Joe’s brothers think he’s crazy, but planning his outfits on a mannequin saves him time in the morning!

In related news, Jonas Brothers are releasing their very own 3D concert experience. “The Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience” is coming to theater in February 2009.

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