Martin Johnson’s Painful Finger Mishap!

November 21, 2008

Apparently the Boys Like Girls rock star has had a really bad experience lately.

Here’s what he said.

the story. so last night as i stepped off the WTK bus my index finger didn’t quite make it in time and was slammed in the door so hard that it was still able to latch shut. this fractured my finger, instantly swelling it up to the size of a baseball. blood spewing everywhere.

so of course i thought wrapping it in a paper towel and ignoring it would do the trick. not the case. this morning i wake up to my entire body throbbing and look down and my entire finger is black.

sooo…i had to go in to the dreaded plastic surgeon, get the whole thing stitched back together, all the extra blood drained out of my finger…the whole easy queezy 9 yards. i’ll spare you the gory pictures in case you just ate.

should be fun playing guitar without my index finger for the next few weeks.


He ended the blog post with a:

ps this was hard to type.

Aww, Martin, get well soon! 😉

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