Kevin Jonas Is the King of Confidence

November 23, 2008


He joins some other Hollywood hotties, including Zac Efron and Jesse McCartney, who have claimed their place in People’s 2008 Sexiest Men list. And Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers revealed that confidence is a trait he has always had.

The 21-year-old Jonas said he finds it easy to make friends with anybody. “I can walk into a room and make friends with anybody. That confidence level is something that I have,” said Kevin, who celebrated his 21st birthday in Cabo San Lucas with friends and family a couple of weeks ago.And the oldest Jonas Brother feels surprised and “truly honored” with Sexiest Man title. “I’m truly honored, it’s amazing,” he talked about his surprise on making the Sexiest list while taking a break during his People photo shoot.

About his Sexiest predicate, the sibling of Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas said, “I actually asked if they had the right brother….” Kevin added, “It’s just a really good feeling.”

One Response to “Kevin Jonas Is the King of Confidence”

  1. kevin is so humble. As I tell everyone I know
    that says 2 me “You like which one”? And I say
    YES!!! Like Joe & Nick are the only 2 in that
    show! NO, I don’t think so! Kevin is the guy 4 me!

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