November 24, 2008

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus‘ Bolt song ‘I Thought I Lost You’ could earn her an Academy Award. Miley wrote with Jeffrey Steele and performed it with John Travolta. She’s listed as a favorite in the category of
Best Original Song.

Travolta said, ‘It’s was something great. I mean, those lyrics, the melody, those choruses are A-plus stuff, you know? She’s really gifted at writing, and she really wanted to write something good for me as the character Bolt, so she went out of her way with her..

..writing partner to come up with something good, and I really think they pulled it off. I know something about music, and I’m telling ya, I was blown away.’

Miley on the song relating to the film, ‘Like how you wish so badly that someone won’t change, and not only do you lose them physically, you know, he gets lost cross-country, but he..

..feels like he’s lost his little puppy-ness. Like, he really doesn’t feel like a dog anymore. [He] feels more just like an actor.’

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