Brenda Song Answers Some Fan Mails!

November 28, 2008


How can I send Brenda Song fan mail? Do celebrities actually read fan mail?

Unlike other stars who shall remain nameless and ignored in this space, Brenda Song actually wants to hear from fans. She really does. She just can’t right now, her folks tell me, because her new, official website is not up yet. But as soon as it launches, or drops, or whatever, I will hand you that info.

Meantime, I’ve received so many Q’s about Brenda that have I punted my column over to her. Seriously, she agreed to tackle everything you throw at her.

So here are the answers, straight from Miss Adorable herself. Or, more accurately, her iPhone:

Does Brenda Song have a boyfriend?

“No, because James McAvoy’s already taken! LOL.”

Where does Brenda Song shop for her clothes?

“I don’t have a lot of time to shop, so I love shopping online! is my favorite, LOL. I get my clothes from everywhere, from Forever 21 to Urban Outfitters to Nordstrom, and every place in between—where I can find a good deal!”

What was Brenda Song’s first television role?

“I recurred on a show called Thunder Alley with Haley Joel Osment, when I was 6.”

Why does Brenda Song always wear a silver ring on her right hand?

“I love jewelry! I don’t wear one specific ring, but the rings I do wear are all gifts from my family.”

Does Brenda Song have any brothers and sisters?

“Yes. I have two younger brothers!”

Does Brenda Song wear a promise ring?

“I feel that’s a very private question; whether I wear one or not, I don’t believe its about wearing a ring, but that it’s about a promise you make to yourself.”

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