Miley Cyrus invites fans to take a sneak peek of her new movie, Hannah Montana: The Movie! It’s set to hit theaters in April, 2009.

Miley tells us that “In Hannah Montana: The Movie basically, my character has always had the best of both worlds but she’ll have to choose just one. In her first big screen adventure, Hannah is headed to a place you’ve never seen before – her family home in Tennessee!

There’s all your favorite characters and new characters too! Do you plan on watching the movie?


This February you can check out the Jonas Brothers in 3D! Here’s the sneak peek of their new 3D concert movie that will hit theaters. The movie features a brand new song and special guests, Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift.

The film takes you where no fan has gone before, behind-the-scenes with the brothers! “This movie really makes you feel like you’re on stage with us,” Joe says.

Get ready for the ultimate Jonas experience!

Taylor Swift on E! True Hollywood Story.

Part 2 and 3 below!


The Jonas Brothers are all about family during the holiday season and recently dished to JJJ on what they’re looking forward to the most.

Here’s what Nick, Joe, and Kevin had to say:

On their plans for the holidays: To surround ourselves with family and friends.

On where they’ll be spending the holidays: At our home.

On family traditions: Decorate the tree as a family.

On their favorite holiday dish: Turkey with the fixings.

On their favorite holiday decoration: Christmas tree.

On their favorite holiday movie and song: Elf is our favorite movie and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” for a song.

On holiday memories: Last Christmas we were on tour and spent our Christmas in New York City.

On what’s on their their Christmas list: A bulldog (Joe)

On the best gift for the holidays: Snow for Christmas.

On their dream holiday destination: At home with our family and closest friends.


Demi Lovato has said she’s happier hanging out with BFF Selena Gomez than attending red carpet events or starting to party. The Camp Rock star told Seventeen magazine recently: “I’ll meet other actors who are like, ‘Let’s go to a party.’ But Selena and I would rather rent a horror movie and just eat pickles. That’s our ideal sleepover.

“It’s just crazy to realize that Selena and I have known each other almost our entire lives.

“I can totally go to her with any problem and she will not judge me, no matter what. I can trust her with anything, and she can trust me. We’ll definitely take each others’ secrets to the grave.”


The Jonas Brothers pose together as they receive a plaque of recognition from the House of Records in Mexico City on Sunday afternoon.

The rock group’s “A Little Bit Longer” album has been certified gold (40,000 copies) in Mexico.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin also performed on Saturday at the capital’s Foro Sol stadium, which seats almost 40,000 people.


Joe Jonas dished to Tiger Beat on Jonas Brothers upcoming super personal album: ‘While we were touring overseas, my bros and I got really influenced by the sound of European music.

Also, we’re really getting into country music! A lot of our songs are about going through situations in our relationships and heartbreak. There’s definitely going to be a lot of songs about that on the new CD.’

Joe is starting to sound like TAY SWIFT!