Nick Jonas: “We Talk About Marriage A Lot, Even Though I’m Only 16”

December 1, 2008





Excerpt from Jonas Brothers‘ new interview with Times Online: Joe and Nick giggle a lot together. They are light and funny. Joe says: ‘We don’t just sit in our hotel room and imagine what something is like. We are teenagers. We love to explore the city. We love to have fun. And we do get along well. The Kings of Leon said recently, they are brothers too, it’s hard to be a rock star when your band mates know everything about you. And that’s what it’s like.’

Joe tells me he’d love to meet Prince, and has met Elvis Costello. ‘And I would love to meet Mick Jagger. A lot of what I do on stage is Mick Jagger-inspired. I love the way he performs and how he dances.’

‘Can I come with you to meet Leona Lewis? Will you tell her I love her? I’ve been watching her video. She’s gorgeous.’

Nick rolls his eyes: ‘She’s one of many for him. He’s got quite a few.’ Joe says: ‘Natalie Portman.’ I can almost feel him licking his lips. ‘Emma Watson,’ he says louder. ‘Cheryl Cole. I like a lot of people.’


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