The Jonas Brothers Love Their Tight Pants

December 3, 2008


The Jonas Brothers are some of the slickest-dressed boys in Hollywood. The young heartthrobs sure know how to gussy up for the ladies. They’re most fond of shiny suits, skinny ties and handkerchiefs, but they also know how to kick it in skinny jeans.

Sometimes they pair their tight pants with T-shirts, dressing them up with vests. Or accessorize the snug trousers with scarves and ties.

As a band, the brothers always coordinate their outfits, adding small details to emphasize their personal styles. For example, Joe, 19, takes different retro trends like wacky ’80s fashion and ’90s grunge and blends them into his look. Kevin, 21, is into a more Victorian style—collars and cuffs—and pairs every outfit with shiny dress shoes. And Nick, 16, likes to be a little more dressed up, though he never looks stuffy. He’s always rolling up his sleeves.

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