Demi Lovato DATING Alex Deleon

December 8, 2008

untitled-1 has confirmed that Demi Lovato is indeed dating Alex Deleon from the band The Cab. (more under)

Their inside source revealed that the two have not been seeing each other for long due to Demi’s busy schedule. “They were introduced by a mutual friend not too long ago and have been chatting and seeing each other ever since. Demi is in L.A. right now and Alex isn’t – It makes the relationship hard, but the two are dealing with it and trying to make it work without the press – It’ll come out sooner or later since he’s been seen at a lot of Demi’s shows and they are not really trying to hide anything.


One Response to “Demi Lovato DATING Alex Deleon”

  1. hailey Says:

    no. they are most definatly NAWT dating. alex is all mine. besides its not like they look good together. demis just doing it because alex is so sweet and kind that he cant say no to anyone. haha demi. good luck.

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