Zac Efron On Drugs? Say It Ain’t So!

December 9, 2008


It ain’t so.

But if Zac Efron signs on for the much-talked about sequel to the 2007 movie musical Hairspray, his character Link Larkin would!

Producer Marc Shaiman tells MTV that the sequel would be a true John Waters-type film. But what about the plot? He shares, “People hate Tracy (Nikki Blonsky) because she doesn’t lose weight. They ask ‘Now that you’re famous, why won’t you lose weight?’. And Link (Efron) experiments with drugs. Throughout half the movie, he has an ongoing dialogue with three pimples on his forehead. Edna (John Travolta) loses weight, but sees her husband (Christopher Walken) lusting after fat women. And so, she finally breaks down and runs over to a snack table. Just within one number, she gets fat again; gaining 20 pounds at a time. [Her fat] pops out, and by the end of the song she’s completely at her old weight again.”

WHAT YOU YOU THINK — would you go see Hairspray 2?


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