Miley Cyrus: “I Struggle With My Looks”

December 11, 2008


Miley Cyrus wrote a very nice featured section in M magazine about being comfortable with the way you look! ‘Weight obsession is a difficult thing to deal with. Even though people might be like, ‘Well Miley, you’re thin, so whatever,’ I deal with body struggles, too. I have to work at it to stay healthy, like a go bikes rides every day and swim laps a  few times a week.

But I get upset when people think they have to be super skinny. People consider it beautiful, but it’s not! I get so frustrated that not enough attention is being paid to all the teen out there who are trying to be too thin. It’s not just celebs and models who go through it.

My little sister, who’s in second grade, says girls talk about it in her class. It’s really upsetting! It took awhile, but I finally began to understand that you have to love yourself for who you are. You shouldn’t have to change to feel pretty. Instead of stressing what you need to change, say to yourself ‘This is
me. I am unique.”We’re all beautiful in our own way!

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