Miley Cyrus Got Her Mom’s Old Car

December 13, 2008


Turning 16 years old last month, Miley Cyrus didn’t get what she wanted. The daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus reportedly ordered herself a convertible white Mercedes-Benz CLK 550 Cabriolet for her 16th birthday present. But the actress didn’t get her dream car as she took her mother’s old car. “I took my mom’s old car,” Miley told Extra on Thursday, December 11. But the 16-year-old girl is OK about it. “I didn’t get the one I wanted, but I got the old car, which wasn’t so bad because it was Porsche…. it was a pretty good hand me down,” she said.

The “Fly on the Wall” songstress also opened up about her feeling after she received a Golden Globe nomination for her song “I Thought I Lost You”, the soundtrack for animated movie ““. “I got a text from four different people,” Miley said. “I was like ‘Holy Moly!’ It’s good because people will take me a little more seriously.”

Miley then revealed who she’ll be bringing to the awards show. “I’m so cool, I get two dates! I’m going to have one, which is going to be John Travolta. That’s a big date,” the “Hannah Montana” cutie said. She will also bring Jeffrey Steele, who co-wrote the nominated song, adding “Two is Jeffrey Steele, because we wrote [the nominated song] together.”


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