Selena Gomez New Year’s Resolution

December 15, 2008


Selena Gomez revealed her New Year’s resolution Tiger Beat: ‘I want to be a better friend. I want to make sure my friends like Demi and Jennifer know how much I appreciate them. It’s important to always say thank you to your BFF.

I love it when people are honest with me. Demi will come up to me when she hears a rumor and we’ll fix it right then, which is important, rather than going around telling other people and making it a big deal.’

Demi admitted having similar feelings about friends: ‘Keep a good friend close. I left school because of mean girls. Selena was my one and only friend. She totally stood up for me. It’s the same with me.

If you mess with my friends, I don’t really know if I’m going to be that nice to you. Selena knows the words to every single one of my songs, even the songs I just started writing! She’s my biggest fan and she’s so awesome.’

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