Demi Lovato: “I Almost Quit Performing”

December 16, 2008


Demi Lovato revealed to Tiger Beat [Which is on newsstands NOW] 3 things you might not know about her to. Did YOU know Dem was almost quit performing completely before she got her big break on Camp Rock?

‘I decided to take two years off but I missed performing, and that’s when I gained the confidence and passion to go back and fight for what I wanted. Now, I’ll do a hundred jumping jacks and stretch and do a little workout before the show to get the blood flowing!

Her style secret: ‘I love to shop at vintage stores. I like the messy, long hair, total rock, haven’t washed their hair in three days, skinny black jeans boys.’

Dem loves her family [Madison Delagarza] and fans: ‘I’ve learned to appreciate my family more because they don’t tour with me. Each family member plays certain part in my life that I couldn’t live without.

My fans are the best. Once I was on stage and a fan was crying and singing one of my songs. I had to tell myself not to cry. I just closed my eyes and smiled and kept singing to the girl. That’s what a true connection is!’


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