Jonas Brothers: “Don’t Kiss On The First Date!”

December 16, 2008


The Jonas Brothers put on their thinking caps and dish some advice about school and dating in the upcoming issue of Tiger Beat. Here’s what Kevin, Joe and Nick had to say:

Mimi: I’m ready to date. Do you think it’s okay to kiss of a first date? — KEVIN: I advise waiting, because you want to make sure its right. I’ve learned that, and that’s how I live my life now.

Hope: There’s a guy in class I think is cool, but I just want to be friends. Is that possible? — NICK: I think it’s definitely possible. It just comes down to not being flirtatious in any way and it should be all good.

Nicole: I’m having a tough time with my schoolwork. How can I get motivated to do well? — JOE: In elementary school I wasn’t very good at English. I always had a teacher I would go to. It was kind of cool. Get help from people who know the subjects well!

WOULD YOU TAKE the JoBros advice???

One Response to “Jonas Brothers: “Don’t Kiss On The First Date!””

  1. Emily Says:

    I think they all give great advice. They rock.

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