Kevin Jonas PROPOSED To Danielle Deleasa?

December 16, 2008


A few people wrote in that Danielle Deleasa was with Kevin Jonas in the Bahamas this weekend. Jessica said that Danielle was flashing a new engagement ring: ‘I was at the Atlantis this weekend in the Bahamas.

When we booked our room, my family and I had NO idea it was a Jonas Brothers convention so we were in for a surprise when we arrived.. there
were girls all under the age of 13 running around the resort, screaming.

We stayed at the Cove and the Jonas family was a few floors up from us. On Saturday night, when we were coming back from dinner, the eldest brother Kevin, and his girlfriend were in the same elevator as us. They were all lovey dovey, making out in front of us, holding hands.

It was quite odd seeing as Kevin is a Disney star. The girl [Danielle] was sporting quite the flashy ring on her left ring finger. My father is a jeweler, and after we got off the elevator at our floor, he said that was an engagement ring. Just thought i’d let you know, the oldest Jonas is taken off the market!’


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