Madison Pettis: “Corbin Bleu Is Like A Brother To Me”

December 16, 2008

madison-pettis-int-pt2 is back with more of Cory in the House cutie Madison Pettis. We got the dish on what the 10-year-old actress admires about Will Smith, Reese Witherspoon and Free Style-r Corbin Bleu. And did you know she once took ten dance classes at once?! Check out more of JJJ’s exclusive interview and pictures below!

JJJ: You were in The Game Plan with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. How fun was it to work with him?

MP: Working with Dwayne, I had a blast. He was always just like a daddy to me on-screen and off-screen. On the first day he actually…when I walked into my trailer, I saw a big box of Dunkin’ Donuts and on the top of the box it said, ‘Love you sweetie. Let’s have a kick-butt day today. XOXO Dwayne.’ I still remember that, it was the coolest thing ever getting donuts from him on the first day.

JJJ: What do you like to do in your free time?

MP: Well, I like to dance. I also like to write stories and songs. That’s really fun.

JJJ: You’re starring next to Corbin Bleu in Free Style. How was that?

MP: We filmed that in Vancouver, Canada and we had a blast filming that. Corbin is like a big brother to me. I mean, I have a big brother the same age as him and he has a sister the same age as me. It was funny that we have siblings that are sort of the same age.

(Click inside to read the rest of JJJ’s interview with Madison Pettis…)

JJJ: What are some fun stories from the set of Free Style?

MP: The weather was miserable in Vancouver. We filmed it in the winter so it was snowing and rainy and foggy and cold and windy. It was just awful. But the snow was letting us have the perfect chance to have snowball fights after we stopped working. He’s [Corbin Bleu] better at it than me though. He would sneak behind me and plop one on my head. I can’t reach on top of his head

JJJ: How big is your role in Seven Pounds? What did you learn from Will Smith?

MP: The storyline [for Seven Pounds] is Will’s character is feeling a lot of guilt for something that happened in the past and so he tries to make up for it by helping and changing the lives of seven strangers in drastic ways. I play one of the strangers. Acting wise, I learned a lot from Will. Just watching him on set and seeing how focused and driven he is. He still works with an acting coach on set which I thought was really cool that he still does that.

JJJ: You were on an episode of Barney and Friends. Did you by chance meet Demi or Selena when you did that?

MP: I know Demi and Selena, but not through Barney actually. We’re actually from the same acting school in Dallas, Texas. Yea, that’s how I know them. I didn’t meet them on Barney. They were actually on Barney before I was since they’re just a bit older.

JJJ: Do you see a music career in your future?

MP: Maybe when I’m a little bit older. I love performing, so singing would definitely be something fun for me in the future.

JJJ: In your acting career, who would you love to work with one day?

MP: Reese Witherspoon. She is great at comedy and drama which is something that I admire a lot. So it would be really fun to work with her.

Madison next stars in Letters to Santa: A Muppet Christmas, which airs TOMORROW, December 17th @ 8PM ET/PT on NBC. Check out the behind-the-scenes photos of Madison with her favorite Muppets, Kermit and Miss Piggy!


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