Taylor Lautner Heading Home For the Holidays!

December 16, 2008


Cutie pie Taylor Lautner did a holiday photo shoot with J-14 recently where revealed to them that he’s going home for the holidays to spend time with his family.

Taylor’s family moved from Michigan to California to help him follow his acting dreams, but this holiday season Taylor said he plans on spending time back in his hometown.

I’m sure Taylor just wants to stay out of the public eye right now. I heard rumors that Michael Copon (from Scorpion King 2) is being considered by New Moon director, Chris Weitz, to play the older/werewolf version of Jacob. I hope it isn’t true and I hope Summit knows what they are doing!


One Response to “Taylor Lautner Heading Home For the Holidays!”

  1. ilovetaylor Says:

    I hope he stays! Micheal Copon is ugly, and concieted! Plus taylor is what we all picture when we think of jacob. Copon can’t act! I think Taylor should stay! If he dosen’t Summit will be making a terrible mistake! You can’t change main characters after they have been cast. If you want him to beef up tell him to go to the gym, choosing a new face would be confusing, make no sense, and be plain old stupid, which would make New Moon-and the other movies after-big huse flops! Not to put down the other cast members, but New Moon is mostly Jacob and if it sucks nobody will watch the others!

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