Vanessa Hudgens Cancels Bar Marmont B-Day Bash

December 16, 2008


Did bad press cause Disney star Vanessa Hudgens to cancel her 20th birthday party at Chateau Marmont?

Hudgens was scheduled to have a soiree Sunday night at Bar Marmont—and even sent out invites—but decided at the last minute to put the kibosh on the bash.

“She canceled because she didn’t want the bad press because it’s a bar,” a restaurant source tells E! News. “She could have gotten in though, because they serve dinner as well.”

So what did she do instead?

Vanessa spent the day with boyfriend Zac Efron. The duo dined at Stanley’s Restaurant & Bar in Sherman Oaks.

“She’s been here before,” Stanley’s manager Luis Morales tells E! “They came in for lunch and sat by themselves. We don’t bother them much.”

And Vanessa’s birthday wasn’t a total bust. She got a bouquet of flowers and a gift from Zac when he picked her up for their date.


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