List of Best Celeb Boyfriends!

December 18, 2008


Seventeen Magazine put together a list of the best celebrity boyfriends and look who made the list!

1. Zac Efron:
This boy has talent! Not only is he the king of East High’s basketball
court, but his singing and dancing has captured our hearts. Plus, he’s
so sweet to his girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, we can’t help but be a
little jealous.

2. Penn Badgley
3. Justin Timberlake
4. Brody Jenner

5. Nick Jonas:
The youngest of the JoBros is always dressed to the nines, which shows
that he wants to look good for rumored girlfriend, Selena Gomez!

6. Chris Brown
7. Michael Cera

8. Joe Jonas:
This wholesome dude wears a promise ring, which shows his dedication to
his values and to you. He’s also a loving brother, which shows the
importance of family in his life. Don’t forget, he’s also a super
talented musician. What’s better than a boy who will write love songs
about you?

9. Channing Tatum
10. Hayden Christensen


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