Joe Jonas Says His Work Comes First Over Girls

December 19, 2008


Joe Jonas says that he hopes any future girlfriends understand that his music career and work has to come first.

I need to be with someone who understands I won’t be around a lot,” Joe admits. “It’s also important for me to have someone that makes me happy when we talk on the phone. I want to be happy.

Joe admits to having crushes on several celebs. “I love Leona Lewis. I’ve been watching her video, she’s gorgeous. I also like Natalie Portman, Emma Watson and Cheryl Cole. I like a lot of people.
When it comes to role models, Joe says that he is inspired by Sir Mick Jagger and tries to act like him on stage!

I would love to meet Mick Jagger,” Joe says. “A lot of what I do on stage is inspired by Jagger. I love the way he performs and how he dances.

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