Joe Jonas: “We’re Getting Into Country”

December 22, 2008


Joe Jonas dished to Tiger Beat on Jonas Brothers upcoming super personal album: ‘While we were touring overseas, my bros and I got really influenced by the sound of European music.

Also, we’re really getting into country music! A lot of our songs are about going through situations in our relationships and heartbreak. There’s definitely going to be a lot of songs about that on the new CD.’

Joe is starting to sound like TAY SWIFT!

One Response to “Joe Jonas: “We’re Getting Into Country””

  1. Say it ain’t so joe. dude, I’m not a big fan
    of country, not that many people I know are.
    Plz tell me u slipped,fell backwards and bumped
    ur head!!! u can’t see this, but theres a little
    tear running down my face, and not from happiness
    I might add.

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