Selena and Demi BIGGEST FIGHT Ever

January 15, 2009


Demi Lovato revealed to TWIST that she and BFF Selena Gomez had a HUGE FIGHT: ‘There were things we both needed to say. I just called her and was like, ‘There are some things I need to say.’

And Selena was like, ‘OK, just say it. Then I said what was bothering me, and Selena was like, ‘OK, I’m sorry.’ And I said, ‘Me, too.’ What do YOU think Delena were quarreling about?

Selena’s side of the story: ‘Sometimes, especially with me and Demi, we get caught up when we’re doing different things. We need to make sure we have time for each other and really appreciate our friendship.’

Dem added that they don’t stay mad at each other: ‘Thank goodness me and Demi have the relationship we do. We’ll sit down and talk to each other and
say, ‘Looking, I’m feeling this way, so let’s fix it because I love you.’


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