Selena‘s new Myspace blog: ‘Hey guys, I just wanted to check in with you guys and fill ya in on whats going on. The show is going great we are almost finished with our 2nd season and about to take off to shoot our movie for the show! we are so excited to start that! Also im still in the studio recording my album & I really am so happy with how its coming out & cant wait to share it with you!

AND I wanted to fill you guys in on my new family.. some of you may already know of them but they are this AMAZING band called Forever the Sickest Kids! They have been so sweet to me and are the brothers ive never had! we all live in Texas and bonded so quickly! And as my job as a little sister to them I want to support them 100% and help spread the word about them and their music!

They have been an absolute blessing to me and they are unbelievable musicians! They watch over me and I want to do the same for them! So you guys should check em out 🙂 And to all the FTSK fans I want you guys to know that I just want to help them out! thats all..

I wont touch their music haha And last but not least I wanna say thank you to you guys.. I can tell you a million times how much you mean to me but it will NEVER be enough! This has been such a wonderful ride and adventure and I want to continue to take you guys with me everywhere I go! God bless! I LOVE YOU GUYS! -Selena’



The new fantistic (?) movie Princess Protection Program ‘book cover‘ with Selena & Demi. Do you like it?


Demi Lovato revealed to TWIST that she and BFF Selena Gomez had a HUGE FIGHT: ‘There were things we both needed to say. I just called her and was like, ‘There are some things I need to say.’

And Selena was like, ‘OK, just say it. Then I said what was bothering me, and Selena was like, ‘OK, I’m sorry.’ And I said, ‘Me, too.’ What do YOU think Delena were quarreling about?

Selena’s side of the story: ‘Sometimes, especially with me and Demi, we get caught up when we’re doing different things. We need to make sure we have time for each other and really appreciate our friendship.’

Dem added that they don’t stay mad at each other: ‘Thank goodness me and Demi have the relationship we do. We’ll sit down and talk to each other and
say, ‘Looking, I’m feeling this way, so let’s fix it because I love you.’

Selena Gomez sits alone in her bedroom writing songs about her past heartbreaks. Sel revealed to M magazine, ‘One of that last times I cried
was over a crush. I was very sad, because I liked that person.’

Sel’s advice: ‘If you want to snag your crush and keep him, just be yourself. And if you like a guy, maybe you should try hanging with him and letting him know what’s in your heart.


Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian are ranked on Myspace as celebrities with the highest number of friends. Also on the list: Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, Travis Barker & Lauren Conrad.

Taylor Swift
topped the list of most searched musical artists on MySpace Music since it launched in September. The most streamed artist is T.I., as well as his song ‘Whatever You Like.’

Selena‘s interview on BBC 1. Part 2 & 3 under.


Selena Gomez gave advice to people with ‘tough crush problems’ in the latest issue of Tiger Beat. What is your date curfew? ‘My curfew is 11. But if it’s at my house and we’re having a family get together, it can go a little later.

My crush doesn’t like me! ‘You need to remember that there will always be opportunities. I have been said ‘no’ to a lot, and I’m glad I got all those ‘nos’ because if anything, it made me a stronger person. I had a crush on a boy for three years and nothing ever happened. We stayed friends and eventually the crush wore off.’

How do you introduce a boy to your parents? ‘As soon as the date’s over, I have him come in and meet my parents. The house rules are if my parents don’t like, I don’t like him.’ Do YOU think Mommy Mandy likes Nick?