Joe Jonas recently chatted about their little bro, Frankie, and how he will appear in their upcoming Disney Channel show, JONAS!

He’s eight now,” Joe said. “He just had a birthday. It’s cool for him because, for us, we didn’t know how he would do, and he surprises us every day how well he does when he comes in every day. He’s in and out, and he finishes so quickly. It’s a lot of fun.” Joe also spills on how acting is foreign to them and requires a lot more effort! “We’re so used to doing music that this gives us a great opportunity to have acting and music involved. It’s an easy transition for us because we’re natural musicians, but acting is something that’s totally different for us. Going into it, we were pretty nervous. We weren’t sure how we would do. We did Camp Rock, but doing a television series, we didn’t know exactly how it would roll out. It’s been a lot of fun. It’s just a great opportunity so far.


The excitement for Twilight’s sequel, New Moon is just going to continue to build.  The latest news on Dakota joining the cast just adds to the hype: Well, it’s obvious that Dakota Fanning is a done deal. All we need now is the signing of the papers. Yay! I think she will be perfect for this hot flick!


Our sweetheart Taylor Swift was modeling the sundresses she designed herself for LEI. If you want it you can get it available in all US Wal-Mart stores. Do you think she looks hot? or not? you vote. + more pic under with Taylors outfit.


I really hope GaGa and I can work together. I have never been so excited about an artist before.   From her costumes – they’re not outfits, that would be an understatement – to her songs and sexy body, Lady GaGa has it all,” said in a recent interview while touring along the “Just Dance” hit on the Pussycat Dolls “Doll Domination” tour.“She epitomizes to me what artistry is. She is a strange one, but it’s refreshing. She makes no apologies for being who she is.  She takes pride in being an individual and I made it my business to tell her when we met up on the road.”


Miley Cyrus says her driving makes her mom “nervous“.The Hannah Montana star, 16, insists she is good behind the wheel since passing her driving test – but her mother isn’t a confident passenger.

She says, “I’m a good driver but I make my mum a nervous wreck, which makes ME nervous.

“I love driving. And I’m pretty good at it – I really am!”

For her 16th birthday in November, Miley got her mom Tish’s old Porsche.

Cyrus recently said, “I got a car. A Porsche. But it is a hand me down. It was my mum’s Porsche – which is ok.

“My dad wants me to get an old Corvette. That’s awesome but I like my car.”


Lady Gaga turned down the chance to join the Pussycat Dolls – because they weren’t “right” for her. The New York-born singer – who reached number one in the UK and US with her debut single Just Dance – says pursuing a solo career was more important to her than joining the popular girl group. She says, “I was writing tracks for them at the time but I had my vibe and my own style.

“Their style is not mine fashion-wise…it wasn’t right for me.”

Lady Gaga, real name, Joanne Stefani Germanotta, recently spoke of her determination not to become a one hit one wonder.

She said, “I don’t wanna be one song. I wanna be the next 25 years of pop music.

“But it’s really hard to measure that kind of ambition. That kind of blonde ambition is looked at with a raised brow, because most artists don’t have longevity today, especially in fun music that’s about underwear and pornography and money.”